Academic Calendar : 2023 – 2024

[ Activities & Holidays ]


S.No. Months & Day Section Name of Activities & Holiday
1 03rd (Monday) All Section New Session Begins
2 07th (Friday) Good Friday*
3 14th (Friday) Ambedkar Jayanti
4 19th (Wednesday) Primary Colouring  Competition
5 19th (Wednesday) Secondary Writing & Essay Competition
6 22nd (Saturday) EID*
7 29th (Saturday) All Section Foundation Day
1 03rd (Wednesday) Primary Section Recitation
2 03rd (Wednesday) Senior Section Debate
3 04th (Thursday) Middle Section Elocution
4 06th (Saturday) Primary Section Mother’s Day
5 08th (Mon) to 11th (Thurs) Periodic  Assessment (PA)
6 20th (Saturday) P.A. Result and PTM
7 22nd (Monday) Summer Vacation begins*
1 19th (Monday) All section School Re-open
2 21st (Wednesday) All section Yoga Diwas
3 29th (Thursday)               Bakrid*
1 24th (Mon) to 27th (Thurs) Periodic Assessment-II
2 29th (Saturday)               Muharram*
1 05th (Saturday) All Section P.A.-II Result and PTM
2 08th (Tuesday) Primary Section Rakhi Making Competition
3 11th (Friday) Primary Section Poster Making
4 11th (Friday) Senior Section Speech Competition
5 15th (Tuesday) Senior Section Independence Day Celebration
6 17th (Thurs) Inter House English Quiz
7 30th (Wednesday) Raksha Bandhan*
1 02th (Saturday) Primary Section Janamastami  Celebration
2 05th (Tuesday) All section senior Teacher’s Day
3 06th (Wednesday) Janamastami *
4 13th (Wednesday) Inter House Hindi Quiz
5 20th(Wed) to 25th (Mon) All Section Half Yearly Examination
1 02nd (Mon) Gandhi Jayanti
2 14th (Saturday) All Section Half Yearly Result and PTM
3 19th (Thurs) to 24th (Tue) Durga Puja Vacation
1 04th (Saturday) Children’s Day – Food Festival
2 10th (Friday) Rangoli & Gharawnda Competition
3 14th (Tuesday) Children’s Day*
4 11th  (Sat) to 21st (Tue) Deepawali & Chhath Puja Vacation*
5 22nd (Wednesday) All section School Re-open
6 27th (Monday) Gurunanak Jayanti*
1 02nd (Saturday) Annual Sport’s Day
2 06th  (Wed) to 09th (Sat) All Section Periodic Assessment – III
3 23rd (Saturday) Primary Christmas Carnival
4 24th (Sunday) P.A.-II Result and PTM
5 25th (Monday) Christmas Day*
6 26th (Tue) to 2nd January’2024(Tue) All Section Winter Vacation Begins*
1 3rd (Wednesday) All Section School Reopen
2 15th (Monday) Makar Sankranti*
3 26th (Thursday) All Section Republic Day
1 08th (Thursday) Junior Debate
2 09th (Friday) Senior Debate
3 14th (Wednesday) All Section Saraswati Puja
1 08th (Friday) Maha Shivaratri*
2 11th (Mon) to 19th (Tue) Final/Yearly Exam
3 25th (Mon) to 28th (Thurs) Holi*
4 30th (Saturday) Final/Yearly Exam Result & PTM
1 4rd  (Thursday) All Section­ New Session Begins


Note:-  1. Every Second and Last Saturday of the month will be not a working day.

(It can be changed as need of the School Administration)

  1. * – For Holidays



Dr. (Mrs.) Neena Kumar

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