The aim of education is development of the child. He must grow better day by day physically, mentally, emotionally. Our school aims to foster all-around personality development and to surface the dormant creativity of the child in a purely psychological environment. One has to interact with the environment, for development. Role of the school for creating an environment, in which better well balanced personality of the child may develop, is important. Our well qualified teaching staff will work hard to achieve the goal. He can develop all the qualities and abilities required for successful social adjustment and advancement. We expect to train our students to have respect for elders, be kind and sympathetic to other, and are loyal to family, friends, school and country and to be co-operative in nature. We will try to make our students aware of their talents and skills and develop them to fullest according to our motto “May you climb from Peak to Peak” so that they may attain new height of achievement in their life. .

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